Find 6 Bus Route Map (London)

If you’re planning to travel between Bertie Road to Aldwych/Drury Lane then Bus route no. 5 is an appropriate choice. There is a total of 36 intermediate stops on 6 Bus Route, London. It takes 59 minutes in journey time.

6 Bus Route (London) Details

6 Bus Route London
Route/Bus Number6
OriginBertie Road (WY)
DestinationAldwych/Drury Lane
Total Distance
Journey Time59 minutes
Number Of Intermediates Stops36
Operating Timings

6 Bus Route Map (London)

Bus Stop No.Bus Stop Location
1Bertie Road (WY)
2The Oaks (HJ)
3Willesden Sports Centre (A)
4All Souls Avenue (B)
5Okehampton Road (KC)
6Whitmore Gardens (KG)
7Kensal Rise Station (KH)
8Station Terrace (KJ)
9Kilburn Lane (KK)
10Allington Road (A)
11Queen’s Park Station (B)
12Neville Close (C)
13Cambridge Road (MA)
14Cambridge Road (MC)
15Chippenham Road (ME)
16Elgin Avenue (MF)
17Charfield Court (MH)
18Warwick Avenue Station (K)
19Clifton Road (M)
20Orchardson Street (EA)
21Church Street Market (EB)
22Edgware Road / Praed Street (ED)
23George Street (EH)
24Marble Arch Station / Edgware Road (H)
25Marble Arch Station / Park Lane (R)
26Dorchester Hotel (S)
27London Hilton Hotel (B)
28Old Park Lane / Hard Rock Cafe (C)
29Green Park Station (J)
30Old Bond Street / Royal Academy (L)
31Piccadilly Circus (B)
32Haymarket / Jermyn Street (R)
33Trafalgar Square (B)
34Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (E)
35Southampton Street / Covent Garden (A)
36Aldwych / Drury Lane (E)

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