Find 8 Bus Route Map (London)

8 Bus route starts from New Oxford Street and ends at Bow Bus Garage. There is a total of 33 intermediate stops and it takes 56 minutes of journey time. Find detailed information of 8 bus route map, London.

8 Bus Route (London) Details

8 Bus Route London
Route/Bus Number8
Origin New Oxford Street (Z)
DestinationBow Bus Garage (C)
Total Distance
Journey Time56 minutes
Number Of Intermediate Stops33
Operating Timings
8 Bus Route Maps (London)

8 Bus Route Maps London

Bus Stop No.Bus Stop Location
1New Oxford Street (Z)
2Museum Street (E)
3Procter Street (H)
4Brownlow Street (S)
5Chancery Lane Station (E)
6Holborn Circus / Fetter Lane (D)
7Holborn Circus (K)
8City Thameslink Station (HL)
9King Edward Street (ST)
10St Paul’s Station (SY)
11Bank Station / Poultry (K)
12King William Street / Monument Stn (G)
13Fenchurch Street (M)
14Wormwood Street (W)
15Liverpool Street Station (F)
16Primrose Street (H)
17Bethnal Grn Rd / Shoreditch High St (J)
18Brick Lane (SA)
19Barnet Grove (SC)
20Pollard Row (SG)
21Wilmot Street (F)
22Bethnal Green (D)
23Burnham Street (K)
24Bonner Street (HB)
25Smart Street (HC)
26Roman Road / Grove Road (RJ)
27Medway Road (J)
28Ford Road (K)
29Alice Lane (L)
30Parnell Road (on)
31Roman Road Market (OL)
32 Bow Church (J)
33Bow Bus Garage (C)

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